Critical Role – Campaign 1

What got me re-interested in D&D after well over 30 years.  I got hooked on a You-Tube video series called Critical Role.  This is a D&D game played by a group of voice actors who all play very entertaining roles.  The adventure is amazing as is all the characters and Dungeon Master (DM for short).  Matthew Mercer puts in a great performance and a lot of work in to the campaign and all the characters are creative and exciting.

If you are wondering what it is all about, here is a link to the video.


Critical Role – Campaign 1


The critical Role You Tube video series is a great example of how a weekly campaign can be run.  Watch how these experienced players and DM structure the game and how it progresses each week.  Watch the excitement in everyone eyes and how much fun they have.  This too can be you if you are willing to put in the work.  That’s right, I said it.  Creating a good campaign is a lot of work (for the DM) but a whole lot of fun too.

So why did I get back into this after so many years.  It’s simple, I wanted to find something the whole family can do together instead of having them isolated in their rooms playing video games.  This was a great family activity we can all do together.

For those who can remember playing D&D games when they were younger, this video series will allow you to relive that experience.  It did for me.  It is a great way to spark your imagination and have an incredible time in the process.

I will not spoil the video series and write about their adventure.  I will just ask anyone who has never played D&D, please give it a try and do not judge it until you have watched at least a few episodes.

Once you watch a few shows (or all of them), write in the comments below what you thought of it.  Did you start your own campaign and how did it turn out?  What was your experience playing D&D or another RPG?  My goal is to expose this awesome game to more people so we all can enjoy our life just a little bit more.